Thursday, 7 June 2012

Why use Wallpaper than Painting on wall.

Why use Wallpaper than Painting on wall.
I suggested for you to use wallpaper for following reasons-

1)  Wallpaper looks very nice if chosen right - The demands of people are changing and we all are seeking for better and improved lifestyle. The scenario of the society has changed around us. We no longer stick to the old and typical things in out lifestyle. Wallpapers give a right look to the room. They give a style statement and define a person's personna as well. Normally used by fashionista as they understand design very well and it matches well their lifestyle.

2)  There are huge variety of designs- In market today there are thousands of designs for wallpapers available in various colour combinations. You get wallpapers in satin, velvet feel too. There are various other textures which you can touch and feel. Wallpapers come with extensive collections include patterns, colours and textures on paper and fabric from the world's most creative designers. 

3)  You can make your room theme based by using wallpaper- One can make the interior look contemporay, traditional, electic, vintage, chic and many more according to the theme. Colours, patterns and textures are strictly up to the taste of the theme chosen with the decor.

4)  They can be painted- Some Wallpapers can be painted as well. There are some textures available in market which are'nt available in textured paints too. These wallpapers come with a paint option.

5)  Maintainence is less- Once installed they give comfort to project owners as maintenance costs are minimal, yet the standard of decor always remain fresh and looking as new. Wallpapers have a longer life than paint.

6)  It takes very less time for application as compared to paint- It actually takes less time unlike paint where 2-3 coats of paint are applied to get the desired colour on walls. Wallpapers are applied on wall with an adhesive on the back. They are available in rolls form. Their design needs to be matched well. Your applicator has to be good in application because if the design does'nt match well then it will look shabby.

               Wallpapers can be installed in any project, and anywhere where quality is a must. They can be custom-made and their purpose is well designed by the designer to exact specifications.


  1. This is great advice and I agree! I do my blog all on my own but it’s simple and doesn’t use much HTML, mostly just CSS. One day, I’d love to get more professional help. :)
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    1. This post is regarding Interior Wallpaer for homes. Its not a screen wallpaper used for making webpages.

  2. I agree with your points but I see that Wall paper could be less expensive than Oil painting...infact cost effective...and mostly these days people are preferring wallpapers...

    And can't stop laughing at the comment above :P

  3. Thanks for writing, actually it depends on the quality of work expensive or not is all according to the culture and need from people to people.

    And I too can't stop laughing:-P

  4. i agree with ur point to make home to extra..

  5. That’s interesting that professional designers can prevent unhelpful purchases. I guess the pros have an eye and attention to space and size. I know I’ve had to truck furniture across town when I realized it didn’t fit a room.
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