Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Always Focus on Solutions than problems

Always Focus on Solutions than problems because Future is Bright.

We hear so many tragic & remarkable events from the media these days. Like the most recent Delhi Rape Case, or Pune Metro Project, etc. there are always ups and downs in our own personal & professional lives. Regardless, of what we may believe about global politics or national politics, struggling economies on all geographical scales, it is of little use to focus on the gloom and the doom.

Little of what I have learnt from the virtue of some of my great mentors that by attention to what is happening in the world, no matter how horrible or terrible the media has portrayed the scene of happenings, it is bad for someone who is willing to be able to be resourceful to these happenings.
 For example, if traffic signal violation detection system in pune remained unoperational due to the absence of connectivity or some competitive multinational business coming to our country what good it does to us is to freeze up in fear. This is definitely not good. Freezing up in a situation gets you nowhere. The point here is to wake up & do what required action is to be taken to mitigate (ease) the risk or to move in another direction?
                  I have seen many people who constantly talk about problems or potential problems, most likely are not doing anything about them.  Somehow they find it safer and more comforting to commiserate with other people who are doing the same thing, rather than spending their energy on assessing their options and taking action.  This mindset defect applies to countries, to companies, to organizations, to individuals, even collectively to human beings.
      I have listed down some simple steps for avoiding paralysis due to the fear and uncertainty caused by problems one may not completely understand.
Step 1:  Understand the problem as best you can.
Note that I said “as best you can”.  Don’t analyze the problem to the nano-detail, unless it’s a problem that requires that kind of precision.
Step 2:  Determine the magnitude (level) of the problem.
Figure out whether the problem is “life-threatening” or something relatively minor.  It amazes me how often I see people fretting over problems that cannot have any major impact on them and ignoring those which can have significant consequences.
Step 3:  Focus on solutions.
Once you’ve figured out the magnitude of the problem, don’t obsess over it; just focus on solutions.  As soon as you understand what the problem is about, unless it’s highly dynamic, it makes no sense to pay further close attention to it; rather, you should move to focusing your energy on potential solutions.
Step 4:  Take action.
Once you have determined potential solutions, it’s time to take action.  Don’t fall victim of paralysis by analysis.  In the beginning of the process, the enemies were fear and uncertainty.  The enemy now is over-analysis, which itself is largely a result of fear and uncertainty.  Now is not the time for further analysis; it is time to take action and pay close attention to the results your actions are achieving.
Step 5:  Continually adjust your actions based on the results you achieve.
If you are paying attention, you will receive feedback on the results of your actions.  Based on this feedback you should continue to adjust your actions until the problem is successfully mitigated or completely solved.  The key here is not to stop until you get the result you are seeking.  Perseverance plays a key role in overcoming all difficult challenges.
The future is bright, as long as you don’t get caught up in focusing on gloom and doom and problems. Take all information into account, but make sure that your focus is on finding potential solutions, taking action, and adjusting your actions based on the feedback you receive.  Then, don’t stop until you reach your objective.

I look forward to your questions & thoughts. If you would like add a point to this, its most welcoming. Also, do let me know if this was helpful to you. Please respond or comment below the post.