Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pyaas Bhadao

When I first saw this New Limca Ad I simply loved it.

Sometimes we must not just do what we just suppose to do but actually get out of our boxes and do beyond our limit. Just like Kareena Kapoor in the ad said,
Tum na thodi pyaas bhadao....
What she really said was that we must all be thriving to achieve our goals. When we achieve our goals we must go further and have newer and higher goals. I think that when we develop in our work we must just start feeling our work. I think our passion makes a big difference in our success.
                 Lets take for example any sport. Sports require immense practice. If that is done with passion and pleasure then it will surely receive success sooner or later. They are normally won by passion, preservance and sheer patience. Suppose if one is cycling. If he is taking 10rounds in a stipulated time. Then he must exceed his performance by reducing his time. If this is consicously done and with guidance of his coach then he can really be competitive to other cyclists and take part in competitions.
Many-a-times we feel we should only do this much of work reasoning lethargy or socio-status or because its not required. We have too many notions in mind pertaining to our lives. I feel sometimes we must challenge ourselves to newer levels of work and try achieveing newer heights. Also it depends on our surroundings. If we have satisfied people or negative people they will try to negate us. I feel one should keep a target in mind with a defined timeline and chase to achieve that. It has always worked beyond for me. I am sure it will give you too wonders! Even if it does'nt then atleast it will make you realize your potential to succeed. So it will sooner or later take you there.

Toh Tum na thodi pyaas bhadao.....

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