Thursday, 15 March 2012



When I say the word "smile" automatically a smile come to your face!!! So what is this "smile"? An emotion, a feeling or an expression, actually all. Smile is one of the beautiful expression of a human face. It gives a feeling of oneness and warmth! Its the best gift ever given by god to human's which shows emotions.

When one SMILES he/she feels his heart and every part of body has opened up automatically making him feel good or rejuvenated. If the smile is true and open then one can feel it in eyes too!!! It makes one feel a sense of pleasure and happiness.

Many-a-times when one is not able to accept the situation but has no choice then he blushes in smile. Mostly, it happens when one is in love.

One loves smiling when he knows his/her smile is the best in world! He/she loves to see it on his closed ones faces because it simply creates wonder. One simply feels special!

Some people are lucky to have dimples on their face making smile even more special but even other smiles are also not bad they just need to feel. When one smiles with pure and open heart then the smile has to be the best! He/she automatically looks good!!!

Read this post not only in sorrow but also in happiness:-)

So Always remember, SMILE whether in happiness or sorrow!!!