Monday, 1 July 2013


The Risk-Takers

This is a real story of a lady who has taken up a daunting task of changing mindsets of society. I would like to share with all of you life story of 'Mittal Patel' Just like her heavy name she too is relentless Social Worker in real terms a "Visionary"

A lady who not just changed few persons life but also mindsets of the society. She has done some real big and drastic changes around for the society. Its only for a few people who have had the courage and fighting capabilities for their Vision. These are real diamonds not just for their enclosed circle of people but for the mankind of eternal planet. I salute such "Social Entrepreneurs"

This lady has gone out and bought problems of de-notified human-beings and has solved their problem on ground. It requires immense amount of courage & mental strength to keep on going towards the vision. Seeing the heart-felt surroundings & patiently changing the scenario.

We need more such Game-Changers for removing difference between rural and urban civilizations!!

I hope you as a reader can spread this among your circle of people not only via social tools like facebook, twitter, pintrest, etc. but also most forgotten but most credible "Word of Mouth" Do talk about it among your people for overall benefit.