Wednesday, 28 September 2011

 Kitchen Designs 

Kitchen is the most important portion of one's home. Its also the most functional area and so make cooking a wonderful experience, designers undertake preparing of modular kitchens for household. Interior designers design as per the working habits, cooking style and the ergonomics of clients. They give expert suggestions.

Anyways coming back to kitchens, they are most likely seen through your living room and which is why its the highlight area. The overall outlook of your kitchen is very vital.The most apparent and actual main kitchen area is the Cabinet Doors. They are the most largest areas of kitchen. So if a person wants a dramatic change or a substantial upgrade of appeal start with your kitchen Cabinet door shutters. The use of right colors and textures can make them look mesmerizing.

So lets find out how to make alluring kitchens. First, we have to know which style of design we are going in for like Contemporary, rustic, traditional or country style? Of course, there are many more styles. Each style is different has its own relevance & importance. So firstly decide that and then decide upon the colors as they are the crux of any design. Colors are difficult to choose as they are too many and too confusing. Each style has its own rules and regulations. Counter-tops are also to be chosen carefully as they can't be replaced or re-done. Granite is perhaps typically the most popular among all counter tops because of its durability & most importantly its water-proof. Granite has more than 100 colors & textures available. There are other materials also now available in market like marble, solid surface like corian & acrylic which give smooth feel & a stylish look.

Make sure you are choosing the right style according to your other rooms and exteriors. Ultimately for creating marvelous kitchen take care of mixing natural and ambient lighting, optimizing space for appliances, and adding personalized touches. 


  1. Hi Pooja,
    I agree. The kitchen is the most important part of the home which needs a competent interior designer.

  2. Very true Sir! Thanks for your valuable comment.