Sunday, 25 September 2011

choosing our career

Life! Small or BIG depends on the way we think. If we think good we then definetly we will get good! I feel life is huge as it gives us immense opportunities to run & grab them! At the same time I also feel its small because time is running off from hands and I am just walking whereas, I need to jog.

How difficuilt or easy is to choose our career depends on us. Its only easy for those who have well set their life or plans in front of them! But there are very few of these like Lata Mangeshkar,  Albert Einstein, P.T. Usha, Amitabh Bachchan, and many more who always knew what they wanted to be in life. So they are well set in life and successful. But masses find it difficuilt to choose a career for themselves.

Its because they have never understood what are they made for?
 When was the last time I sat alone and started thinking of myself? Did I ever ask myself who am I? What do I want? What did I always want to be? Wat was I made for? Wat are my dreams n aspirations?
If we would have ever asked ourselves or our heart all these questions we would have got correct answers to all. No family or friends can answer these questions for you. Of course they know you but definitely not more than you yourself. If you cheat in this examination then your cheating on yourself and ofcourse your future. This is a decision of ur life so pls keep it simple as you can carry baggage of failure all ur life.
At the end of the day happiness & peace of mind is important for you and ofcourse for your family & friends.
Of course you also have to check your capabilities to achieve your goal but understanding what you are made for is first.

I came across a person who knew what he wanted to be but still went to a career counsellor & a palmist for checking his success ratio in which he found out that he would'nt be what is today! But this guy had confidence in himself & so he proved what he wanted to be. There are many roads to success depends on what you like & are capable for. So firstly decide for yourself & then make yourself capable for it by working towards it till you don't achieve it.

So, All the best!


  1. A very nicely written article which every student on the verge of selecting a vocation must read.

  2. Gud Mind I like It Very Honesty To U......